Mr. D, also known as Dirk Spence, was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, and moved to Tinley Park, Illinois, at the age of 5. He performed his first magic shows at 8 years old beginning with performances at his church and in his neighborhood. Like most kids do as they grow up, Dirk lost interest in his childhood hobby -- but then some real magic happened. When he was in his late twenties, a friend gave him the 1945 Chevy truck known as “Hard Times”. During the long process of refurbishing the truck, the magic “bug” bit him, giving him the idea of doing magic shows from the back of this unique vehicle.

Was it a crazy idea or was it destiny? Maybe performing was in his blood. Mr. D’s grandfather, the late Jimmy Spence, performed in the early 1900s as a Scottish soloist with the traveling Vaudeville circuit, sometimes working at the same events as Harry Houdini. Regardless of how or why, it wasn’t long before Mr. D left his factory job and made magic a passion and a profession. His love for magic and for bringing smiles and happiness to children of all ages has made him one of Chicago’s busiest magicians!

Fast forwarding to today, Mr. D is proud to say that 2009 is his 25th year providing unique magical entertainment!!